12 Principles of Animation (Official Full Series)

30 maí 2017
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Further Animation Learning: bit.ly/2dleXfH
Full playlist: isworlds.info/camera/PL-bOh8btec4CXd2ya1NmSKpi92U_l6ZJd.html
(0:10) 1. Squash and Stretch
(2:07) 2. Anticipation
(4:14) 3. Staging
(6:33) 4. Straight Ahead/Pose to Pose
(9:14) 5. Follow Through & Overlapping Action
(11:17) 6. Slow In & Slow Out
(12:57) 7. Arcs
(14:38) 8. Secondary Action
(16:11) 9. Timing
(18:22) 10. Exaggeration
(19:55) 11. Solid Drawing
(21:38) 12. Appeal
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    • Adobe Animate

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