How Long Will it Take WWII Machine Guns to Explode a Camry???

29 jan 2021
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    DemolitionRanchDemolitionRanch2 mánuðum síðan
    • Hey kid

      Charles CloutierCharles Cloutier3 dögum síðan
    • Hey kid

      Charles CloutierCharles Cloutier3 dögum síðan
    • World of tanks and world of warships should sponsor you

      Corona NoLimeCorona NoLime8 dögum síðan
    • @DaFrenchyTank facts 100%

      Corona NoLimeCorona NoLime8 dögum síðan
    • Not mobile?

      Zaiden LewellynZaiden Lewellyn9 dögum síðan
  • Gonna hold you to that promise of a full auto BAR video.

    PeremalfaitPeremalfait7 klukkustundum síðan
  • What happened to the bar why didn't you shoot that

    Johnny VincentJohnny Vincent9 klukkustundum síðan
  • Your youtube name should be demonizedranch

    Roxanne KirstenRoxanne Kirsten16 klukkustundum síðan
  • Darn I started playing before I watch the video

    Wierdo OWierdo O20 klukkustundum síðan
  • Soviet guns

    Brick WilsonBrick WilsonDegi Síðan síðan
  • those toyotas man, they can go through a lot

    Isaiah B.Isaiah B.Degi Síðan síðan
  • So you didn’t shoot the BAR?

    Abram SuttonAbram SuttonDegi Síðan síðan
  • Oh so when youtubers blow up things with war weapons it's fine, but when I do it the government calls it an act of terrorism.

    Cosmic KillerCosmic KillerDegi Síðan síðan
  • Is it wrong that I get a semi when watching this ?

    P3RSYP3RSYDegi Síðan síðan
  • Idk why all Americans are racist 😐🙄

    Mr KanaanMr KanaanDegi Síðan síðan
  • burning the propellant in the paint was probably less polluting than venting it so you at least have that.

    S.S RADONS.S RADON2 dögum síðan
  • The cops are coming to take all your guns mat🤣😂😅

    Ricky McRicky Mc2 dögum síðan
  • I'm glad to know I am not the only idiot who says chunked instead of chucked lol!

    Cyclonejack1988Cyclonejack19882 dögum síðan
  • Who you kidding Matt? You don't play these games nor do you have the time too!

    jake mabryjake mabry2 dögum síðan
  • I wanted the bar

    Connor WadkinsConnor Wadkins2 dögum síðan
  • 4:10 rip that GoPro

    TheFantYT VlogsTheFantYT Vlogs3 dögum síðan
  • Still one of my favorites episodes. Still waiting on that full auto BAR video MAT!!!!

    Nikki DavisNikki Davis3 dögum síðan
  • Do you need me so much how the last shot shotgun in his intro misses the middle of the remaining letters

    Sword FighterSword Fighter3 dögum síðan
  • Dude seriously. Just start a patreon and say fuck ISworlds's policies for that content you've got enough fans that it'd probably be worth your while

    Lonewolfx13Lonewolfx133 dögum síðan
  • I like the video a lot it was very interesting and why didn't you want to blow up the car :-( -🔫💣. And can I please have a like please on my comment

    Charles CloutierCharles Cloutier3 dögum síðan
  • I now know how they make exploding cars in movies. put lots of spray cans in the back of the car and shoot it with a BAR

  • The "Browning Automatic Gun" sets the BAR for WWII machine guns.

  • Uh... The dummy on the tree was very different and disturbing

    Max whitakerMax whitaker4 dögum síðan
  • 20 years from now someone will see this car in the junkyard and say what the hell happened here lol

    carl gruvercarl gruver4 dögum síðan
  • I've never seen anything more American

    GhostinngGhostinng4 dögum síðan
  • Пр бро

    Тоби АкацукиТоби Акацуки5 dögum síðan
  • 7:41 me in my friends insurgent in gta

    MyselfBVBMyselfBVB5 dögum síðan
  • Dam demolition if you ever get tired of doing everything else that you do you could always get into commercials I think you're pretty damn good at it

    David FieldsDavid Fields5 dögum síðan
  • Hey big fan and I just downloaded the game and it’s really fine so I guess is the weapons that you’re using to be really nice

    Jaydens MoviesJaydens Movies5 dögum síðan
  • Oh so the bullet hit a spray can but then sent a spark to ignite it

    Leo ZiemkendorfLeo Ziemkendorf5 dögum síðan
  • You're good

    Treyvo HengstenbergTreyvo Hengstenberg5 dögum síðan
  • Dang cletus this is why we can’t have nice things then proceeds to fire machinesguns at it sorry for the spelling

    Sell StuffSell Stuff6 dögum síðan
  • Just keep shooting it 😆🤣😂😹😆🤣😂

    Pedro RomeroPedro Romero6 dögum síðan
  • Why did monke need to die :(

    Jacob VangJacob Vang6 dögum síðan
  • Fireball man 🔥

    Shadow LikeShadow Like6 dögum síðan
  • I wish mat would do some research on WW2 .

    Kori EmersonKori Emerson6 dögum síðan
  • I love the new outro:)

    IUSTINgamingIUSTINgaming6 dögum síðan
  • You forgot to shoot the bar

    connor c 99connor c 996 dögum síðan

    Xxpandaxx FranssenXxpandaxx Franssen7 dögum síðan
  • Wanted to see the bar shoot 😭

    KarkMingstonKarkMingston7 dögum síðan
  • Just a guy exploding a car with guns Matt says it normal

    Anthony leeAnthony lee7 dögum síðan
  • dobbiamo inquinare di meno fra poco moriremo tutti perche si è rotta la pellicola che sta alla fine del mondo ed e per colpa nostra non inquinate per favore

  • Now imagine if he could aim

    xXstormbladeXx StormxXstormbladeXx Storm7 dögum síðan
  • Dp28: am i a joke to u

    aaliyah Del Rosarioaaliyah Del Rosario7 dögum síðan
  • 5:27 LOL🤣🤣🤣🤣

    aaliyah Del Rosarioaaliyah Del Rosario7 dögum síðan
  • Good intro = good video

    Liam VegaLiam Vega7 dögum síðan
  • Hitman in the intro

    Frej Sommer ClausenFrej Sommer Clausen7 dögum síðan
  • The car at 8:50 is like "Fine if you gonna take pot shots at me then I'ma fire right back atcha!"

    Mike WazowskiMike Wazowski8 dögum síðan
  • The car catching fire was epic!!! I loved the paint can shooting out of the car

    Dallas JamisonDallas Jamison8 dögum síðan
  • That explosion and the car on the fire was epic!!! I wanna shoot a car with that now. Haha

    Katie JamisonKatie Jamison8 dögum síðan
  • shooting timestamps MP40: 7:02 MG34: 7:16 Idk what that is, but its the other .50 Machine Gun he shoots. At 7:40

    Samreet N_7613Samreet N_76138 dögum síðan
  • Mat:listen to the car The car: ma ma maaa ma mama

    Karen NorrisKaren Norris8 dögum síðan
  • Demolition ranch is the best

    Karen NorrisKaren Norris8 dögum síðan
  • Stormtrooper aim 😂

    Likun WangLikun Wang9 dögum síðan
  • 5:28 is fireing

    Likun WangLikun Wang9 dögum síðan
  • 2:45 is when it stops promoting

    Likun WangLikun Wang9 dögum síðan
  • You can apply tension to the accelerator cable under the hood instead of using a rock to weigh down the pedal

    Samuel VarjabedianSamuel Varjabedian9 dögum síðan
  • I saw the intro on tiktok what’s ur tiktok again?

    Zaiden LewellynZaiden Lewellyn9 dögum síðan
  • Still for Russia

    johnathan phatjohnathan phat9 dögum síðan
  • But he is dead in the Cold War:(

    johnathan phatjohnathan phat9 dögum síðan
  • My great grandfather is part of the Soviet Union army and have his guns with him in the garage

    johnathan phatjohnathan phat9 dögum síðan
  • Never shot a moving car?! Did you forget GOLDIE?!?!!!!

    N1koN1ko9 dögum síðan
  • Where was the bar19 you didn’t shoot it

    Nicholas PostNicholas Post9 dögum síðan
  • We didn't mean to set fire to the car ... sooooo what's with 100 spray cans lmao

    shaun fawcettshaun fawcett10 dögum síðan
  • Omg my mothers Camry door handle is broken too 🤣

    Greggory HowlandGreggory Howland10 dögum síðan
  • Get 8 cars in a circle then shoot a rocket at them

    Hot dogHot dog10 dögum síðan
  • MG42: Hitler's Buzzsaw

    Jusgreat gamingJusgreat gaming10 dögum síðan
  • The ax looks like a mother throwing something at a child when they do not listen

    Wyatt SkidmoreWyatt Skidmore10 dögum síðan
  • Up next how long will it take for the police to be alerted to the gun fire at the school

    Tyler HippensteelTyler Hippensteel10 dögum síðan
  • Dang it cletus this is why we can’t have nice things 𝙿𝚛𝚘𝚜𝚎𝚎𝚍𝚜 𝚝𝚘 𝚜𝚑𝚘𝚘𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚌𝚊𝚛

    Eden WilliamsEden Williams10 dögum síðan
  • The MG42 is one of, if not the fastest fire machine guns. MG42 vs M2 Browning

    Tyler AndersonTyler Anderson10 dögum síðan
  • So that was your twin brother shooting at Goldie?

    phxxr650rphxxr650r11 dögum síðan
  • Holy shit I think blood came out of the car when it got hit. I saw a red burst. Lol

    Jesse SegedyJesse Segedy11 dögum síðan
  • Can you please shoot with tank.👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    MANAMAXMANAMAX11 dögum síðan
  • I feel like he skipped a gun never saw him shoot the BAR

    Lee SmithLee Smith11 dögum síðan
    • Aawwww i like the Browning Automatic Rifle

      aaliyah Del Rosarioaaliyah Del Rosario7 dögum síðan
    • Exactly what I was thinking

      Ujjwal KumarUjjwal Kumar10 dögum síðan
  • You didn't shoot the B.A.R. I am disappoint! D:

    Delta9-11Delta9-1112 dögum síðan
  • The demonic jump jointly paste because spike opportunely groan among a busy parentheses. warlike, large tablecloth

    Thasin NoorThasin Noor12 dögum síðan
  • Money is worthless for this dude 😂😂💰

    Johnly101Johnly10112 dögum síðan
  • I play war thunder The 15cm cig tank thing is op German

    Zuzis YannyZuzis Yanny12 dögum síðan
  • Here's some advice on shooting a car *Shoot the fule tank*

    Heavy the grey wolfHeavy the grey wolf13 dögum síðan
  • What was in the back

    Lazy GamerLazy Gamer13 dögum síðan
  • what americans are like

    D EZD EZ13 dögum síðan
  • But what about the BAR

    sm400xrsm400xr13 dögum síðan
  • You wanna buy gun check out *mrmasterglock On Wickr* he proved one for me...

    Alvin james BobAlvin james Bob13 dögum síðan
  • whered the bar go

    tearstears14 dögum síðan
  • skip to 7:00 to get to the point of the video

    out of TPout of TP14 dögum síðan
  • The MG42 is a beast

    Luke DrasdisLuke Drasdis14 dögum síðan
  • The ajar popcorn developmentally save because birth comprehensively frighten around a murky wood. inconclusive, aquatic coal

    Tyler JenkinsTyler Jenkins14 dögum síðan
  • Matt: we’re not going to fire the tank Me: my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

    Colton CordovaColton Cordova14 dögum síðan
  • How that car took damage Nd then exploded reminded me way too much like gta😂😭😭

    Moe ExoticMoe Exotic15 dögum síðan
  • He missed 90% of the 50 cal browning lol

    Bobby FischerBobby Fischer15 dögum síðan
  • “Hitlers buzzsaw” 🤣🤣 I’m dead

    The DevilThe Devil15 dögum síðan
  • He

    Jasper LawlessJasper Lawless15 dögum síðan
  • What!?!... no BAR?....I’m sorry, your going to have to repeat that.

    chopsddy3chopsddy315 dögum síðan
  • *Matt*everything is under control *later*paint can just shoots out *me* :/

    Cara RodriguezCara Rodriguez15 dögum síðan
  • ima play some war thunder on my ps4 now

    Cara RodriguezCara Rodriguez15 dögum síðan
  • hey he didnt advertise a shitty mobile game :)

    the walrus U.Sthe walrus U.S15 dögum síðan
    • @KIERAN THOMAS yes i do recall saying he didnt

      the walrus U.Sthe walrus U.S7 dögum síðan
    • @the walrus U.S its not a mobile game

    • Although i understand why you have to advertise shitty mobile games given the fact this looks like the stuff youtube loves to demonetize

      the walrus U.Sthe walrus U.S15 dögum síðan
  • 7:15 sounded like Jerry Miculek right there

    KenaniTsuoKenaniTsuo16 dögum síðan
  • You never used the BAR :(

    Michael MeisenholderMichael Meisenholder16 dögum síðan